Civil Engineering and Real Estate

VPartner Floatcon Concept

The 'Arab Pearl' by night

Floatcon currently has a number of projects underway where the use of novel technologies has been the common denominator in finding solutions to challenges the modern world is facing, primarily rising water levels and lack of space in urban areas.

In the past 10 years Floatcon has worked on identifying the challenges of the modern world and creating solutions in close co-operation with Norwegian research institutions. One result of such cooperation is the development of applications for the Concrete Sandwich Concept (CSC).

FloatCon has developed unique expertise in:

~ Creation of floating areas for urban expansion where land areas are unavailable or     unsuitable
~ Property development, infrastructure, urban development, industrial applications, transport solutions
~ Environmentally friendly element-based floating building technology – moveable if needed.

VPartner Chill Club

Chill Club concept

Emerging economies in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Africa have created a demand for more capacity and higher standards within the entertainment and tourist industries.

VPartner and its associates have engaged architects and personnel within the entertainment industry from Scandinavia, Southern Europe and Africa to design agile club and restaurant concepts suitable for most geographical locations.

The initiative was an indirect result of the group’s passion for the maritime environment and luxury resorts.

The concept is simple - versatile, elegant architecture offering luxury leisure from morning to late night.