VPartner Oil and Gas

The founders and key personnel within the VPartner group have more than 30 years of experience within the oil & gas industry. Most of the project experience is gained within the harsh and demanding environment frequently encountered on the Norwegian Continental Shelf while also having had significant participation in the Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia and West Africa. Formal background within relevant sciences, project experience and inter-cultural understanding are chief reasons behind VPartner’s ability to offer problem solving competence internationally. The primary areas of expertise lie within the following segments:

Marine Operations and
Subsea Technology

Marine Operations and Subsea Technology

Since offshore field development projects moved into waters too deep for manned diving the requirement for support by a variety of robotic systems has become a major focus within offshore technology development.

VPartner has played an instrumental role in subsea intervention technology development and market implementation from the pioneering efforts 25-30 years ago to the present day.

Remotely Operated Vehicles have become an integral element in most offshore marine operations. VPartner has provided advisory support for optimized design of surface support vessels to accommodate subsea intervention systems.

Naval Architecture and
Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The first significant project in this field was performed for Norsk Hydro in 1984/85 in cooperation with “R.S. Platou” shipbrokers, Oslo, Norway; “Technical and economical evaluation of the conversion of a tanker to an inshore crude oil storage facility”.

The comprehensive study included evaluation and recommendation of a suitable inshore location, requirements for onboard safety systems, mooring system analysis as well as a budgetary economic analysis for the project.

The objective was to determine the viability of an inshore tanker based oil storage facility for the Gullfaks Field. Since then, VPartner has been involved in several similar projects.

Mid and Downstream

Mid and Downstream Solutions

In 2008 VPartner took an active interest in inspection technologies for the mid-and downstream petroleum industry.

Recent JV agreements have opened up opportunities for a broader VPartner participation in the mid- and downstream hydrocarbon industry.

The availability of cutting edge process technologies to refineries and transport systems is critical to the safe and economical production and delivery of hydrocarbons.