VPartner Group Structure

FloatCon was formed by combining the expertise of the Norwegian concrete construction industry with detailed knowledge of port and oilfield construction management. The bringing together of these two industries’ capabilities and capacity for innovation has culminated in the unique FloatCon construction process. This process has been verified and accepted by certification authorities and international construction companies worldwide.

One of our flagship projects currently in planning is the Arab Pearl Floating luxury hotel and leisure facility including marina restaurants shops spa natural swimming pools and pedestrian walkways. The complex is flexible in its design methodology – modularised and prepared for relocation by tugs or modular transportation methods.

Other studies include a floating base for marine and offshore activities and designs for city centre car parking and storage facilities using moored waterfront structures. The Floatcon concept creates potentially moveable structures and can save valuable urban real estate.

While working on existing projects FloatCon is constantly looking for new possibilities and continually improving its technologies.

FloatCon is proud to work with some of the world’s leading companies within the fields of certification architecture energy and construction.