VPartner Projects in Africa

VPartner Plantations

Hévéas Plantation

An initial experimental and minor investment within the plantation industry led to the current VPartner Plantations. The main focus is on natural rubber (hévéas) production. Traditional vegetables such as tomatoes and chilli are being included in the program as these have a very rapid return on investment.

Local partners and the highly experienced local plantation workers are key factors for success within this business segment.

VPartner Norvège Logements

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VPartner's initial engagement with the Ivory Coast National Development Plan was in energy projects, but we were also asked to participate in other areas of the NDP. VPartner Norvège Logements focuses on real estate, infrastructure, civil engineering and building construction. Our strength lies in our alliances with local contractors and European suppliers.

The portfolio ranges from social housing projects to property development for larger industrial complexes.

VPartner Centrafrique

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The Central African Republic (CAR) is the “forgotten country” of Africa. Despite its mineral wealth, CAR is one of the poorest countries in the world. Through strongly positioned local resource groups, a study of the country’s needs as well as opportunities was performed. On this basis VPartner Centrafrique was created.

Our activities incude facilitation for external investors wishing to become established in the country as well as VPartner’s own projects and investments.